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Yes, I am 100% sure that I will go to heaven.

4.  I believe in a God who will be loving enough not to send anyone to Hell.

Many people feel that Heaven is one great big amusement park and that, upon death, everyone gets a free ticket. At many funerals we here comments similar to "He's in a much better place now" or "He's on that big tennis court in the sky playing with the lord". Others make statements such as "She's no doubt visiting with her friends as she used to love to do" or "I'm sure he's resting in his hammock up there right now".

Are any of these statements built on anything but personal emotions? 
Is there any truth to them? Where do these people get these ideas?

Many of these comments may come from a fear or uncertainty about what might actually happen after death. What does it mean if heaven isn't how these folks imagine it? What if everyone doesn't go to heaven? What if there really is a genuine Hell and what if your current beliefs are figments of imagination and you're headed for Hell yourself? What if God has actually been the one who determines what heaven is like and creates terms for entry, rather than us?

How can anyone be sure what heaven is like. How can we know for sure whether all of us or some of us will end up there. How can we be certain we will not be in a place of torment forever such as Hell. Shouldn't this bother us to spend our time discovering if there is a way to avoid Hell and assure heaven?

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