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This wonderful God wants to...

  • Forgive you of all your sins  

  • Give you meaning in your life now   

  • Take you to heaven when you die

All this is yours when you submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son.

If you reject this offer of mercy and love, you put yourself over God and under His judgment. (John 3:36) You are making yourself the final authority.

Therefore, the most important question you will ever face is —

WHO RUNS YOUR LIFE?   You or Jesus?

The next few pages will help you find out.

Every person is on one of these 5 Steps.
Your attitude determines your distance from God. Each “step” describes a heart attitude toward God and this determines your distance — near or far — from Him. Jesus taught this when He said to a man seeking truth, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” Mark 12:34


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