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We hope to answer your questions concerning Jesus Christ, The Kingdom of Heaven, and the Bible.  To those who have faith in Him, Jesus Christ is everything, so we must start by introducing you to Him: Jesus was God’s one and only Son. He came and lived perfectly among us, lived a sinless life in the eyes of God the Father, yet He died to pay for the sins of those who give themselves to Him. He rose from the dead to return to His Father in Heaven where he now still lives. To all who receive Him as their Savior and Master, who put their hope for eternal life in Him and not their own goodness and wish to follow His commands and teachings, He gives the right to eternal life both now and in the future.

Does that sound like an incredible opportunity? It does to us, and each of us needs to know more about it. The place to find out more about this is the Bible. Our goal is to encourage everyone to become a caring community of people who teach and live what is actively spoken by God in the entire Bible - to follow Jesus Christ. Would you join us?

Marion Bible Fellowship, Marion, Ohio is the sponsor of this site.  We are an autonomous, nondenominational local congregation of baptized believers, associated by a common belief in the good news the Messiah came to save and to lead our lives. We stand firmly on the fact that the Bible is trustworthy and we strive to be a teaching-based congregation. Our staff and members believe strongly that the study of the Bible and its application to our lives can lead anyone to know and follow the God of Israel and to FindForgiveness in His Son, Jesus the Messiah.

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