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This site is created just for you. No two visitors are alike and no two visits will be alike. The release of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code movie on May 19th gives challenge to the Christian faith by presenting the thought that the church over the ages has hidden away the truth of Jesus’ identity and has exchanged it for a lie. This movie is a convincing tale that can lead viewers to believe that they have been misled if they have trusted the claims of the Bible. We assume you have visited today to get some answers about the claims of the movie and how they compare to the movie’s rival, the Bible. The novel and the movie present the Bible as a lie and claim that Jesus is not divine, was married and fathered a secret family and that church leaders over the ages have created the Jesus of the scriptures, among other things. Essentially, the key aspects of Jesus being the Son of God, dying for the sins of men and even His rising from the grave are all said to be concocted hoaxes from church leaders that wished to suppress the truth for power-hungry reasons.
You decide..

During your visit, we don’t want you to have to waste your time going through answers you may already know or aren’t interested in, so we’d like you to guide us by answering several questions at various points. Your visit may also be more fun this way. If you follow the site to the end, you will have both sides to the story concerning claims about who Jesus was, and decide for yourself which way you are going to believe.

We pray you enjoy your visit and are able to comfortably settle on a truth after looking at both sides of the story. Anybody can be deceived with clever presentation: either by a movie, a book or through a website. Keep looking until you find assurance…and be careful who you trust, decisions have consequences.

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The fictional novel and movie present the Bible as a lie and make claims about Jesus...


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